Geology 101 - Lecture 19


Great Earthquake links:

USGS up-to-the-minute earthquake information

University of Washington Earthquake Information

Great maps of earthquake hazards

Most destructive forces on Earth. But it is *buildings* and other human structures that cause injury and death, not the earthquake itself

Earthquakes occur in rigid part of earth - lithosphere (not asthenosphere)

A. Definition

B. Mechanism

C. Duration of Shaking Varies

D. What Causes shaking?

Earthquake waves = seismic waves. Recorded on seismometers on seismographs.

E. Seismic waves are important for 2 things

F. Types of Waves

G. Locating the Epicenter of an Earthquake

P, S and surface waves all start out at earthquake at same time. The further you are away from the quake, the larger the time span between arrival of P and S wave.

Earthquake belts - convergent margins, divergent margins, transform margins

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