GEOLOGY 407a PETROLOGY Spring, 2001

Lecture: MWF 11:00-11:50 Lab: Tues

Instructor: Dr. Susan M. DeBari,

Office: ES237 or 105, 650-3588

Office Hours: Tues & Fri 12-1:00, or by appointment

Course Objectives: This course is devoted to teaching identification, nomenclature, and processes of formation of igneous and metamorphic rocks found in the Earth's crust and upper mantle. It is very a intensive course, and you will spend much of your time examining rocks in hand sample. The first half of the course is devoted to the study of igneous rocks whereas the second half is devoted to study of metamorphic rocks. We will emphasize the close relationship between igneous and metamorphic processes and plate tectonic setting.

Important Note: This is a very intensive class. Please plan to spend 4 to 5 hours per week outside of regularly scheduled class time for readings, final paper research, and lab writeups.

Required texts:

1. Petrology, Blatt, H. and Tracy, R. J., 1996, W. H. Freeman and Co.

2. Petrography of Igneous and Metamorphic Rocks, A. R. Philpotts, 1989, Prentice-Hall, 178 pp.

Textbook reading & Handouts: IT IS IMPERATIVE THAT YOU KEEP UP WITH THE READING IN THIS CLASS. Besides the text, you will be given many handouts during the course of the semester. You must read these handouts as they are sometimes the only way to reinforce what I have talked about in lecture (i.e., your books don't cover everything)

The Internet: This class will have a web page, and provided I have enough time, lecture notes will be available on the web. There will also be suggested readings on that I will link our class page too. The reference site for the class is

Research Paper & Presentation: Geology 407 has been designated as a "writing intensive" course. This means that a large part of your grading is based on how well you can communicate the results of an individual research project in petrology or petrography. This involves writing and rewriting a term paper. The complete term paper due on May 21 should be your best effort. It is not meant to be a draft. If it is satisfactory, this can be your final version. If it isn't, you will need to turn in a revised version. The deadlines for doing this work are as follows:

Tuesday April 24 Term paper introduction & outline due
Monday May 21 Complete term paper due
Friday June 4 Final version of term paper due


Field Trips: 1 field trip will associated with this class. An intensive write-up will be required for this trip. As with the research paper, the write-up will be graded both on content and writing style.

Grading 400 points total:

Lecture Exam 1 100 points
Lab exam 1 (ig rx) 100 points
Lab exam 2 (met rx) 100 points
Lecture Exam 2 (non-cumulative) 100 points
Field Trip writeup 50 points
Paper (100 points) 100 points
TOTAL 550 points

Late assignments: will be docked by 2% for each day the work is late


Lecture Schedule



Reading Assignment

Tues April 3

Organization and Introduction - Structure of the Earth

Chapter 1

Wed March 4

Plate tectonic perspective

course web page

Fri April 6

Physical properties of magmas


Mon April 9

Modal classification of rocks

Chapter 2 & handouts

Tues April 10

Cordilleran GSA, WORK ON Lab 1


Wed April 11

Cordilleran GSA, WORK ON Lab 1


Fri April 13

Chemical classification of rocks, magma series

Chapter 3, Appendix 1

Mon April 16

Phase Diagrams - The phase rule, unary & binary systems

Chapter 4

Tues April 17

Lab 2 - Mantle rocks & layered intrusions


Wed April 18

Phase Diagrams - eutectics, peritectics


Fri April 20

Phase Diagrams - review, Quiz 1


Mon April 23

Phase diagrams - solid solutions

Chapter 4 & skim Chapter 5

Tues April 24

Lab 3 - Volcanic suites - mafic to felsic Term paper introduction & outline due


Wed April 25

Phase diagrams - introduction to ternary diagrams

Chapter 4 & skim Chapter 5

Fri April 27

Magma evolution

Chapter 6

Field Trip: Sat April 28: Fidalgo Ophiolite (1 very long day)

Mon April 30

Petrology of the mantle; mantle melting

Chapter 7

Tues May 1

Lab 4 - Tuolumne intrusive suite & Bishop Tuff


Wed May 2

Basalts: MORB, OIB, and CFBs (& other alphabet soup)

Chapter 8 & p.191-197

Fri May 4

Island arcs & continental arcs Fidalgo Field Trip writeup due

Chapter 9

Mon May 7


Chapter 9

Tues May 8

Lab exam 1


Wed May 9

Lecture exam 1


Fri May 11

Intermediate and silicic plutonic rocks

Chapter 9 & p. 203-206

Mon May 14

Silicic rocks - explosive volcanism


Tues May 15

Lab 5 - introduction to metamorphic rocks


Wed May 16

Definition of metamorphic rock, agents of metamorphism

Chapter 18

Fri May 18

Metamorphic protoliths, facies & grades

Chapter 19

Mon May 21

Metamorphic facies, equilibrium & the phase rule

Complete term paper due


Tues May 22

Lab 6 - Metamorphic textures, structures, protoliths


Wed May 23

Graphical representation of metamorphic rocks

Chapter 20

Fri May 25

Graphical representation of metamorphic rocks

Chapter 20

Mon May 28



Tues May 29

Lab 7 - Metabasites

p. 445-446

Wed May 30

Metamorphic reactions

Chapter 21

Fri June 1

Metamorphic reactions, review metapelites

Chapter 23

Mon June 4

Metabasites, Ocean floor metamorphism

Chapter 22

Tues June 5

Lab Exam 2


Wed June 6

Calcareous rocks

Chapter 24

Fri June 8

Metamorphism & tectonics. Final draft of paper due



LECTURE EXAM 2: Monday, June 11, 10:30-12:30