Geology 406:

Instructor: Dr. Susan M. DeBari


Offered Fall 2003

Lecture: Tuesday, Thursday, Friday 10:00-10:50
Lab: Thursday 11:00-12:50
Course description & syllabus

Click here for petrography notes

Click here for the chemical data from the Fidalgo Island trip.

If you want to plot the data and don't have the triangular diagrams, or the x-y plots, please see me (i.e., if you don't have the field trip guide)

Sue's Mineral Identification Tips for Igneous Rocks

Lecture Notes for 406

Igneous Petrology

Lectures 1 and 2 Introduction

Lecture 3 Physical Properties of Magmas

Lecture 4 Modal Classification

Lecture 5Chemical Classification of Magmas

Lecture 6-8 Phase Diagrams

Lecture 9 Mantle melting

Lecture 10 Volcanic Rocks & Intro to magma differentiation

Lecture 11 Magma differentiation

Lecture 12-13 MORB & OIB
For many of the figures in the lecture on 5/4 go to this site

Study Guide for Exam 1

Lecture 14-15: IABS and CABs

Lecture 16 Andesites

Lecture 17 Granitic rocks

Lecture 18 Extrusive silicic rocks

Metamorphic Petrology

Lecture 19: Introduction to Metamorphism

Lecture 20: Metamorphic protoliths/Metamorphic facies

Lecture 21: Metamorphic facies

Lecture 22 Naming of metamorphic rocks

Lecture 23 Graphical representation of metamorphic rocks

Lecture 24 Metamorphic reactions

Lecture 25 and 26 Metabasites

Lecture 27: Calcareous rocks

Lecture 28 Metamorphism and Tectonics

Study Guide for Exam 2

Keep checking this periodically until the final, there may be a few additions (especially at the beginning)

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