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A Walk Through Geologic Time From Mt. Baker to Bellingham Bay
by Don J. Easterbrook

This is the story of the geologic history of western Whatcom County from the North Cascades to the sea. The book traces the geologic sculpting and evolution of the landscape from the oldest rocks through the Ice Ages, to presently-forming features. Included are the geology of most of the peaks in the North Cascades of western Whatcom County, the history of Ice Age continental glaciers more than a mile thick, marine submergences of the lowland, the history of gold and coal mining in the area, the volcanic and glacial history of Mt. Baker, and much more. Illustrated with 300 photos and figures of geologic features, fossils, and landforms.

ISBN-10: 0984238964 | ISBN-13: 9780984238965
Published: Chuckanut Editions, 12/01/2010
Pages: 330

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Available at Village Books.

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Evidence-Based Climate Science

Data opposing CO2 emissions as the primary source of global warming
by Don J. Easterbrook

Authored by eight of the world’s leading climate scientists,this book features an unbiased, evidence-based analysis of the scientific data concerning climate change and global warming, as well as extensive analysis of the physics of CO2 as a greenhouse gas and itsrole in global warming. Adaptation strategies are presented as alternative reactions to greenhouse gas emission reductions.

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Available at Elsevier Science.

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